• How do I submit a form to verify an activity?

    If you have completed an activity that you haven't been rewarded for, visit the corresponding activity detail page and follow the instructions for uploading your documentation.
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  • Reward points

    How do I redeem my GO365 rewards   @
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  • Go365 Medicare Workout Tracker 2019.pdf

    Use the workout tracker here to submit rewards.
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  • How are social activities awarded?

    Engaging within the Go365 Community (asking a question or commenting on a discussion board/other member’s question) will trigger an award for the Social Activity. (this will award automatically)     Y...
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  • When do my rewards expire?

    Your rewards expire on December 31 of every year, so make sure you redeem all rewards before then.
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  • Go365 Technical Issue - 9/10/19

    What is happening? Some members may experience an error, such as TFA Pending Registration, while trying to login or complete the verification process on www.go365.com.    What is affected? www.go365.co...
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  • Why am I not being awarded for an Annual Wellness Exam?

    Go365 is able to award Medicare members for a Medicare Annual Wellness Exam (also called an Annual Wellness Visit), and NOT a physical. It all depends on how the provider bills Humana. Please see below for i...
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  • why do you make this so hard.

    I myself do as much as I can to walk and exercise. Its a joke the hoops you make older and disabled people to do to get these tiny rewards
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  • What should I do if I notice daily step totals from a connected activity tracker or device not showing up on Go365?

    Notify Go365 Customer Care within 10 days of the date of the missing activity, by using the chat window on the bottom of the Go365.com page or by calling the Customer Care number on the back of your Humana member ID c...
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  • Steps not showing

    I just got a new Fitbit a  Fitbit charge 3 and It is not showing all my steps for some reason, it shows only a part of my daily steps.  What can I do to correct this?
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  • steps not showing

    Why are my steps not showing for JUNE JULY AUGUST from my Garmin which is connected?
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  • How do you input activity data manually?

    I have been unable to upload any activity data. I have tried a number of the tracker apps and none will upload. I'm using my android phone as I have no other device. 
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  • How can I shop in the Go365 Mall?

    By completing activities like preventive screenings! The Go365 Mall is where you redeem all your hard-earned rewards.
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  • How do I tue my phone to my fitbit to read steps etc

    I ant to put fitbit on my phone so I can see my steps daily, weekly and total. How do I do that .  What app do I use
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  • Please reconsider the 2019 Incentive program.

    I apologize, this is more of a comment. I was thrilled with the incentives that 365 offered and recommended Humana as a result to many people. Even though one of my docs didn't stay with Humana for 2019 I remained wit...
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  • I am a member of a training and tennis club that is NOT a Silver Sneakers participant.  Is there any way for me to claim credit for group training and tennis at my club?

    Seeking Go365 credit for activity at a club that does not participate in the Silver Sneakers  program.
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  • 2019 Go365 Medicare Prevention Activity Form

    Have your provider complete this form with your 2019 completed prevention activities, or upload an acceptable form of proof directly on your Go365.com account under the Preventive Care tab!
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  • 2019 Go365 Medicare Social Activity Form

    Complete this form and submit via mail, or submit the completion of a social activity directly on your Go365.com account!   *Submit on Go365.com via the Social Activity tab to be awarded instantly, up ...
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  • How do I connect and/or disconnect a fitness device?

    To connect/disconnect a fitness device from the Go365 website:   1. Select the Exercise & fitness tab at the top of your Go365 Dashboard. 2. On the Device tile, select Connect or Manage a device button. ...
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  • 2019 Medicare Go365 Guide

    Review this document to learn all about your earning opportunities within 2019!
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