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I had a Bone Osteoporosis screening test performed by Life Line Screening and am wondering if this screening would qualify for the screening for Go365? Thank you Jack Gillis
in Health and Wellness
In this time, when we can not / will not be able to return to a fitness center is 365 not looking at options like helping us to purchase home workout equipment? Why can’t 365 Negotiate a discounted price for us vs a membership option we cannot use?
in Health and Wellness
Why did the reward points for workouts lose value in 2019 -20? We should be giving more points for those of us getting to the gym frequently, rather than reducing the rewards to $5 for 8 times a MONTH! The maximum reward is too low. (just sayin' from a dedicated gym person and Humana believer!)
in Health and Wellness
You know it's pretty bad that Humana doesn't have ANY app that will connect to the Apple iWatch to record steps, when Apple iWatch is at the top of the market.  I've been wearing the iWatch since it was first launched, as I was told by a Dr at Mayo Clinic that I should by a step counter, and keep close track of my steps each day.  So why you can't… (Show more)
in Health and Wellness
I placed the order a few weeks ago. When should I receive it?
in Health and Wellness