Headline: First Steps: Getting Started When You Can’t Find the Motivation     

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Body: Whether you’re starting out or starting over, motivation is important in taking that first step. But what do you do when that push just isn’t there? Here are a few ways to jumpstart your motivation.


Let yourself Win
Think small and reachable—set one easy goal that you can accomplish without fail. “Once a week, I will take the stairs instead of the elevator.” Slowly build successes and up the ante as you continue to achieve. Be very specific with that first goal, and try to stick to it for a set period of time before adding the pressure of additional goals that may derail your success. Once you have a few wins in your corner, set your sights on bigger challenges.


Peer Pressure
By announcing your goals in a public fashion on social media (Facebook), or privately to a few trusted pals, you create advocates who hold you accountable. Reporting your plans to supportive friends or a group that shares a common goal can help you stay focused when the motivation just isn’t there. Let them know your goals so they can help keep you accountable and on the right path.


Make it fun
Instead of thinking about all of the challenges and hard work that a health journey can be, try to find a way to make your goal fun and enjoyable. If you have a busy week ahead, think of your workout as the quiet time when you can reflect and enjoy uninterrupted time by yourself. With a little shift in perspective, it can become something worth looking forward to!


Just go.
Whatever your health goals, the best way to get started is to start! Even if you don’t feel like moving, put on your sneakers. Keep a spare pair of fitness clothes at the office. Commit to five minutes of something! Make it really hard for you not to at least try.



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