Habits form the cornerstone of the new you

Blog Post created by communitymanager on Mar 19, 2019

Creating a new, healthier you, often means changing your habits and rethinking routines. According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, these cornerstone or keystone habits are foundational to success.

What is a keystone habit? They are habits that lead to a cascade of other positive activities. Take exercise, for example. Many people find that when they exercise, they tend to eat better and sleep better. Instead of loading up on fries and a shake after workouts, they grab fresh fruit or yogurt. Sleep tends to come easier with exercise and, when awake, many people also report feeling more alert, productive, and positive.

In other words, fitness can be a keystone habit that helps put other aspects of a healthy lifestyle into place. It becomes easier to eat better, think better, and feel better. It can naturally propel people toward being their best selves.

Reflect for a moment: What are your keystone habits? Perhaps they include a healthy breakfast, five minutes of conscious or mindful breathing, or a particular bedtime routine.

When you discover the one or two keystone habits that naturally put your life into place, suddenly you find it’s easier to be your healthy, new you.

Not sure what daily routines can help you realize your best self?  Brainstorm some ideas with your friends/family members and see how they work for you.