Social and Community Activity Ideas

Blog Post created by go365admin3 on Mar 24, 2020

With certain events occurring throughout the country, some individuals may be finding it more difficult to find social and community activities to complete within their area.



We wanted to provide alternative activities to assist in continuing to earning rewards with Go365 and encourage overall well-being. Check out some ideal below! 



Social or Community Activities -  Will earn $5 per event. You can complete up to 4 social events and earn up to $20 in rewards each plan year.

  • Communicate with friends and family (3 of the following within a week)
    • Phone call with friends and family 
    • Video call with friends and family - Facetime, Skype, Zoom etc. 
    • Video chat with friends and family while playing a game (charades etc.)
    • Write a letter to a few friends and/or family
    • Have your Grandchildren interview you
    • On-line tutoring or teach a class
  • Join an online group or community and write 3 comments or posts within a week
    • Create a Facebook Friends and/or Family group
    • Join an online Community



Go365 Physical Fitness Activities: Complete 8 Daily Workouts within one month and earn $5 for that month. Earn up to a $60 maximum per plan year!

  • If you are unable to attend SilverSneakers, you may complete items on the list below. Remember to complete them at least 8 times within the same month to be eligible for rewards.
    • Dance to your 5 favorite songs
    • Go for a walk outside (Parks or outside in a less populated area)
    • Body weight exercises please complete 3 sets of 15 - high knees, push-ups against the wall or counter and overhead hand press, step up on the stairs are some examples
    • Stretch for 15 min
    • Stream an exercise video and follow the routine, Silversneakers has an app with videos available
    • FaceTime or video chat with friends and family and follow a routine together
    • Depending on weather and location you can do some yard work or gardening
    • Follow an exercise program on TV or video
    • Walk your dog
    • Continue to complete your Daily Workouts by reaching at least 500 steps per day and fill out the 2020 Medicare Fitness Workout Tracker 
    • Connect your Garmin or Fitbit to Go365 to track your Daily Workouts, see Learn how to connect your device today! for directions. 


Please note: Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise activities or programs. Alternatives provided are ideas and guidelines, please be sure to exercise to your best capabilities and limits. 


If you would like to keep track of your activities and submit them to Go365, please fill out the forms linked below.



2020 Medicare Fitness Workout Tracker 

Go365 Medicare Social Activity Form  

Learn how to connect your device today! 



Keep up the great work! 


****Members can begin redeeming gift cards in the Go365 Mall once they have accrued $25 in rewards. Rewards have no cash value and must be earned and redeemed within the same program year. *****