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What does a life well-lived mean to you? It’s different for everyone. Some people put time and effort into developing and nurturing relationships. Others try to manage their emotions and become more relaxed. Some people measure their sense of security by the size of their bank account.


 Well-being is personal – your path will be very different from your family, friends or coworkers. The first step on your well-being journey is to understand what’s important to you. Go365 focuses on four pillars of well-being: purpose, health, belonging and security. The interaction and balance of these pillars within your life creates your own personal sense of well-being. What does each pillar mean to you? Think about the goals you set for each of these and how you prioritize each in your life. How do you incorporate purpose, health, belonging and security into your life? Improvement in one area may even lead to improvement in others, leading you even closer to your well-being goals.

Here are some mindful ways to explore what well-being means to you.


Find purpose

We all have a purpose in life – purpose is the driving force that helps us grow as individuals and members of our community. One way to find purpose is to discover and embrace what motivates you to enjoy the fullness of life. Being curious and learning about yourself can be beneficial to help you find goodness in helping others. Volunteering at local organizations or meeting with advocacy groups within your community are great ways to support those around you. Making a spiritual connection may inspire a new direction. Dealing with your fears can inspire you to find and achieve your dream. How will you find your purpose?


Invest in health

Good health affects both physical and mental well-being. Achieving your best health is a very personal journey. A great place to start is to understand how and when you feel your best. Learn to befriend your body to help build healthy habits that work best for you. Know your wellness numbers – blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol and blood glucose – and work on activities to improve them to help you live your best life. How will you invest in your good health?


Elevate belonging

We all want to feel like we belong – to our family, our circle of friends, at work and in our community. Foster connections to the people around you to nurture relationships and improve well-being. One way to strengthen personal connections is to join coworkers on their daily walks (while appropriately social distancing) or sign up for a team healthy eating challenge. You will increase your circle of friends by being more inclusive and inviting others to join activities. How will you elevate your sense of belonging?


Feel more secure

The key to personal well-being is simple—identify when and how you feel most confident and secure in yourself, your relationships and even your financial situation. A good way to get started is to be a self-advocate and practice self-care. When you can cool anger and unwind anxiety, you manage stress and gain confidence. Reducing other types of stressors like finances can also help put your mind at ease. Take the time to reflect on the beauty in life, and it will inspire your personal self-worth and build healthier connections with others. How will you feel more secure?


A whole new way to think about Go365®

We’re here to inspire, motivate and reward your personal well-being journey. We offer simple steps to start new activities to improve mind, body and spirit. Go365 has the science-based tools, helpful resources and supportive community to guide your path toward purpose, health, belonging and security. Join us at




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