Ain’t Life Grand: Traveling with the Grandkids

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Summer travel with grandchildren is a great way to spend quality time together. Distance and busy schedules can make it difficult to have a stronger connection with the grandkids, but with a little creativity, you can find excursions that fit a range of budgets and travel tastes.


Host your grandkids and see your hometown through their eyes. Plan local trips to the zoo, aquarium, or arboretum or picnic in a nearby park where they can run around and explore. Find activities in local city guides, Visitors Bureau, or ask parents in your neighborhood.

Play to Your Strengths

Do you have an eye for photography? Perhaps you prefer hiking, or golf? Vacations where you are able to share your passions allow your grandchildren to learn about the world (and you) in a way that they’ll never forget.

Cruise Control

Sometimes, a vacation doesn’t feel like a vacation if you have to plan every single detail—cruise ships were made for this type of vacationer. Cruises are equipped with plenty of activities for every generation, a variety of food options that can appease even the pickiest eater, and pre-packaged excursions to avoid potential conflict between children of different ages. Cruises also offer complete packages for the budget-conscious.

Road Most Traveled

Your destination does not always have to be somewhere new. Traveling with grandchildren is a great chance to revisit a place that is special to you. Recreate a trip you took with your children while making new memories along the way! It’s meaningful to visit a place with someone who’s already found a few hidden gems. Remember, you are helping to shape their personal history.

Bon Voyage!


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