Breaking Bad (Habits)

Blog Post created by go365admin on Sep 9, 2015


We’ve all got a habit or two that we wish we could erase. If only it were that simple! Habits are routines tied to our feelings, which is why they’re so hard to break. Whether it’s chronic lateness, emotional eating, or biting your nails, it’s never too late to stop. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

Hang with your Habit
What makes your habit tick?  If you want to combat a bad habit, first spend time with it, understanding the reasons behind your actions. Log your activities for a week, noting each time you indulge your habit. Are there feelings attached to your impulses?  Do you tend to indulge in the habit at a certain time of day? Finding patterns in your behavior will help you spot and avoid potential obstacles on your path.

Chart your Course
Once you’ve identified the habit you’d like to change, break it up into bite-sized goals to measure your success. To stay motivated, reward yourself for major accomplishments along the way. 

Seek Help

If you’re trying to break bad eating habits, start by taking a Health Assessment to determine your Vitality Age™ and set specific goals. HumanaVitality has built-in tools and rewards to help you along the way, whether you need to get more active, lower your cholesterol, or lose weight.

Toss your Timeline

Don’t put a hard timeline on your success. While there are many studies exploring how long it takes to break a habit, your timeline will be unique to your journey.

Be patient with yourself! Breaking a habit is a lot like rewiring your brain; focus on just one link at a time and you’ll get there.


Pick the Brain

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