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I have a walking trial behind my home and I frequently take walks. I do not have a tracking device. Can I get credit for my walking time?  It averages about 15 to 20 minutes
in Fitness Devices
Can someone please help me with syncing my fit bit flex2?
in Fitness Devices
By clicking the link below, you will see the different device options available to help you earn your fitness rewards!
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How do I sync my FitBit Zip with this program?
in Fitness Devices
I had a Fitbit Versa and it was tracking fine and upgraded to an Apple Watch. So disappointing. What Happen?
in Fitness Devices
The chat agent updated my file on Friday to make sure (I guess) my Fitbit and other activities are synchronized. Well today it’s still on Friday’s update. Can someone help please     ♀️    ♀️    ♀️    ♀️    ♀️
in Fitness Devices
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