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Can I have a list of the devices that work on 365go?
in Fitness Devices
Stay tuned for an updated list of compatible devices coming in January 2019!
in Fitness Devices
Why am I no longer getting rewarded for using my Garmin800 when I bicycle? 38 mikes in the mountains. Calories burned showed up on my calendar but no credit.
in Fitness Devices
Please forward some activity sheets
in Fitness Devices
Can I connect my Samsung Health account to Humana Medicare?
in Fitness Devices
Warning!!! Please note!  You must redeem all your points by December 31 or you will lose them.  I learned the hard way.
in Fitness Devices
Hello, I have been very active since Jan 1, 2019 and no activity has shown up at G0365.  And now, unlike last year, I can not find the icon to even sync my Fitbit.  It shows my Fitbit is connected but no information is being retrieved since 12/18/2018.
in Fitness Devices
I have moved from a Fitbit watch to an Apple watch.  This is not listed as a compatible device.  How is this device captured on GO365?
in Fitness Devices
I have a G7 Android phone that logs my steps each day/month.  Do I just send a record of the steps to Go365 to qualify for points?
in Fitness Devices
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