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There are many apple watches being used to track steps taken. when is it going to be supported by Go365?
in Fitness Devices
My Garmin Vivofit 3 is not syncing with Go365.  I've had it since 8/5/2020.  That is the last activity that I see on my page. What am I doing wrong?
in Fitness Devices
Click to view contentHow to Connect Fitbit, Using   Visit Go365 Wellness and Rewards Program | Go365 and sign in using your Go365 username and password.   Click on "Manage activity trackers"   Scroll through the list and find “Fitbit.” Click on “Connect” underneath it   When you click on “Connect,” a new tab in your web browser will open. You will be…
in Fitness Devices
My fitbit was connected for many months and then recently I noticed it has lost connection with Go365.  What should I do?
in Fitness Devices
Can I sync my Apple watch with this?  How?
in Fitness Devices
go365 shows that Runkeeper is connected, but also says "never uploaded" - how do I sync these devices?
in Fitness Devices
how can I use my android phone for fitness
in Fitness Devices
I need a list of acceptable fitness devices to link with go365.  
in Fitness Devices
I had 3 fitbits and they only lasted 8 months so I bought a Samsung Gear Fit2Pro can it be used to track?
in Fitness Devices
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