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I had a Fitbit Versa and it was tracking fine and upgraded to an Apple Watch. So disappointing. What Happen?
in Fitness Devices
Click to view contentHow to Connect Fitbit, Using   Visit Go365 Wellness and Rewards Program | Go365 and sign in using your Go365 username and password.   Click on "Manage activity trackers"   Scroll through the list and find “Fitbit.” Click on “Connect” underneath it  …
in Fitness Devices
How do I add my Fitbit to my account?
in Fitness Devices
My husband received an email from Go365 in January of 2019 with a one time use code to receive a FitBit pedometer to replace his Humana Gear Pedometer that is being phased out. I am also in the same Go365 program and I am using a similar old Humana pedometer, but I have yet to receive an email offering the FitBit replacement. Is there a way I can… (Show more)
in Fitness Devices
I don't see my fitbit points loaded to this site.  The last update was March 2, 2019 and my device clearly shows I have had activity on every day since that time. Do you need to re-sync  my device?
in Fitness Devices
My Fitbit is connected, but my activities are not showing up in the activity calendar. I’ve had four days this month of 5k steps each day, and it shows none of them. Additionally, my days spent at LA Fitness don’t show up.
in Fitness Devices
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