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Good Morning, I had to get a new Tracking device due to my Yard work caused my losing my Fitbit Tracker from my wristband. I was able to get a Flagfit activity device, does that wristband/tracker device connect to GO365
in Fitness Devices
How do I setup my apple watch to go 365?
in Fitness Devices
Can I use my device to track my activites?
in Fitness Devices
My vivofit 4 no longer works after 9 months.  I replaced batteries and it lasted 1 day.  I again replaced new batteries (expensive) and it lasted 2 days and quit completely.  I got it from you with my points and it is synched to you and Garmin.  Could I get another one from you some way? 
in Fitness Devices
I am not exactly tech savvy, and  need some instruction/help with  getting it connected.  Thank You
in Fitness Devices
I have a new Garmin Vivosmart4 tracking device & I want to add it to Humana's Go365 to start earning points. I have already added it to my smart phone and am tracking my exercises as of 05/14/19.
in Fitness Devices
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