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I never received my gift card for $50.  I was told it was mailed and delivered.  I believe that the way Humana mails out our cards makes them a Target for theft.  I know I am not the only person this has happened to.  When the cards are mailed the envelope States the word "rewards" on it. The has to be a more secure way of handling this.  We all… (Show more)
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I have $ 35 in rewards how do I claim it with products
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I thought by only a couple of weeks of being processed that I would've received credit for this eye exam. Can you please check this out?
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I posted a question somewhere last year and received a $5 reward for it as a social activity.  This was never listed anywhere as an option.  Does posting a question earn a $5 reward as a social activity this year?  If so, where can an individual post to earn the reward?  How many posts can an individual make and earn a $5 reward for per year?
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Click to view contentStart on your Dashboard   Select Go365 Mall     When you find the item you would like to purchase, select View Gift Card     Choose your amount and quantity, then click on Add to cart       Review your items and click View Cart, then Proceed to Checkout   Verify your shipping address and contact information, accept the Go365 Mall Terms… (Show more)
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How do I claim my rewards for my colonoscopy?
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  Really? This app does nothing for me why even bother emailing me I have rewards that need claiming?
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I received amazon gift cards in the mail. Can these be used at Whole Foods and/or for purchases? Do I need to do anything first to activate them?
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How in the world do you claim your reward card for your wellness check up and having a blood test for prostate cancer.  this is the most screwed web site I have ever had to use. It is to complicated; John Bryant#
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How can a member claim  $55 rewards showing on their Humana membership.
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