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I have followed all of your instructions and yet there is no display of the rewards to be selected as before. Where do I go, on what page what link. Is t a hide and seek game now ?. Thanks for your anticipated answer.   FSM   06/19/2019
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Click to view contentStart on your Dashboard   Select Go365 Mall     Select what rewards you are interested in, when you find the item you would like to purchase, select View Gift Card     Chose your amount and quantity then click on Redeem this reward     Review your items and Proceed to Checkout   Review your shipping address, accept the Go365 Mall… (Show more)
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Need to know if I have any rewards
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Had my wellness exam 5/17/2019 to qualify for $25 bonus.  First Dr. coded visit wrong.  Gave him forms to fill out and submit.  He still hasn't submitted them.  If he submits forms after 6/30/2019 will I still receive $25 plus $25 bonus because my exam was in May?
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I recently did a wellness visit with my primary care giver and I don't see any rewards posted for it
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I ordered 2 gift cards on 5/7/2019 and it shows it shipped out. I have never received them. That's over 30 days ago. How and when will I get these gift cards
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I do many lifestyle activities every month. Am I understanding this correctly?---that during this 365-day year I can only report four lifestyle activities?
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I had my wellness exam on 3/6 and my doctor said he would bill it as such but as yet i have not recieved any reward.
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Where are all these great rewards listed as??? I can't find a thing!    
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Today I now have $10 in rewards THIS TIME LAST YEAR I WOULD I GOT AN $10 gift card from Hone Depot, this year I will have to wait another three months to get $25 in rewards WHAT A JOKE. This year gift cards start at $25 and no Home Depot cards ???? this is on top of cutting the rewards by up to 50%
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