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It appears that it takes over a month for you to post points to my account.  If all of my points expire on 12/31/2018, how can I use my point for November and December 2018 before they expire if they have not yet been posted?
in SilverSneakers
My gym accepts Silver Sneakers yet I have gotten no credit (points) for going regularly. Why?
in SilverSneakers
My gym workouts have not been posted to GO365 since the end of Sept.  Since they expire on 12/31, how will I be able to cash them in by the end of the year if you are always 2 months behind?  Can I send in the listing from 24 hour fitness for my visits?
in SilverSneakers
The gym I signed up for does not have classes.  Can I also sign up for a second gym that offers Silver Sneakers classes? The other gym is very close and handier for pool and general exercise but offers no silver sneaker classes.
in SilverSneakers
I started using the Silver Sneakers program last summer, about 6 months ago.  I didn't know I needed a special membership card from Humana.  I called and spoke to someone who said they would send one right out.  I still have not received my card.  It would make going to a new gym much easier with that card.  I was not able to go workout while I… (Show more)
in SilverSneakers
I am missing one day credit for going to the gym in September.  How do I fix this?
in SilverSneakers
With the silver sneakers program can i bring a friend with me & silver sneakers pays for it also?
in SilverSneakers
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