• Zoom classes credit

    How do I self report steps that are recorded on my iPhone? Also, does Silver Sneakers automatically report Zoom classes? I don't see the one from July 9. I have several more for August, but I understand they may not a...
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  • no credit shown for acitve days

    is 360 automatically notified when I swipe my card at the y?  I have no credit and have been there 8 times this month. I thought through Silver Sneakers all I had to do was swipe my YMCS card.
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  • Silver Sneakers rewards

    I have been using my card at Peak Performance in Bemidji, MN all year.  How to I get my rewards?
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  • Silver Sneakers Replacement Card

    I seemed to have misplaced my Silver Sneakers Card.  Can I get a replacement car?
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