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    Getting Started with Go365


    Visit Go365.com and click the Register now button to get your account going. (You will need your Humana member ID number or your Social Security number). Select Continue and you’re all ready!


    If you have already registered on Humana.com then sign into Go365.com with the same username and password.


    Getting Started


    If you would like to watch a video, check out What is Go365


    There are plenty of healthy activities to choose from. To get the most benefit from Go365, you should consider doing just one of the following activities:


    • Complete preventive screenings

    • Complete one or more verified workouts per week

    • Engage in ongoing health coaching sessions

    • Complete a recommended activity after completing your Go365 Health Assessment


    Health Assessment and Education


    The Go365 Health Assessment is designed to help you understand your current state of health and find simple ways for you to make positive changes.


    Click here to Take the Go365 Health Assessment


    Once you’ve completed your Go365 Health Assessment, you’ll find out your Go365 Age. If your Go365 Age is younger than your actual age, you’ll receive recommendations on how to keep fit and healthy. If your Go365 Age is older than your actual age, we’ll help you find simple, healthier options that can lower your Go365 Age little by little.


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    Health Education Classes can be completed through a Humana Guidance Center or through a certified class instructor. Please click here to find a location near you.


    Go365 by Humana Education Participation Medicare


    Please note, if the class is completed through a Humana Guidance center it may take 45 days for the Bucks to be awarded.


    Devices and Daily Workouts



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    Click here to Connect and Manage your Fitness Device


    If you have any questions about what devices are able to be connected to Go365 please follow the Medicare Device Compatibility Guide


    If your device is not compatible with Go365, you can fill out Fitness Device Activity Log to submit for your Daily Workouts and Go365 Bucks.


    If you have any questions, please go to Fitness Devices




    SilverSneakers is a fun, energizing program that helps Go365 members take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events. Through SilverSneakers, members have access to the participating gym’s basic membership and amenities. Plus, you can earn Bucks for your workouts by joining a Silver Sneakers location near you!


    For information on the SilverSneakers program check out the blog post SilverSneakers


    What is Silver Sneakers


    Click here to Find a SilverSneakers Location near you.


    If you have any questions, please go to SilverSneakers


    Prevention Activities


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    If your Prevention Activities do not award automatically, you can follow the link below for directions on self submitting your information.


    How To Submit a Prevention Activity to Go365


    Biometric Screening


    A biometric screening is a short health exam with a medical professional that helps establish a baseline and may help determine if you’re at risk for certain medical conditions.


    It measures:

    -Body Mass Index (BMI)

    -Blood Pressure

    -Blood Glucose Screening (Diabetes Test)



    Medicare Biometric Screening 1.PNG


    Please note, Biometric Screening information will not be available through claims from your doctor. Take the form below to your Doctor to have them fill out your information. Directions on how to submit the information to Go365 are listed on the form.


    Biometrics Screening Form


    Spending Bucks


    After you earn your Go365 Bucks, go ahead and spend them in the Go365 Mall. Choose from great items like gift cards, fitness devices, and more! Be sure to spend your Go365 Bucks by December 31 each year.


    1,000 Go365 Bucks = $10 gift card


    Just one or two completed eligible preventive screenings can earn you a $10 gift card!


    Redeem your Go365 Bucks!


    Click here to access the Go365 Mall and spend your Bucks - Go365.com/shop


    How to place an order in the Go365 Mall


    If you have any questions, please go to Rewards


    Helpful Forms

    Biometrics Screening Form

    Fitness Device Activity Log

    Nicotine Test Form

    Athletic Events Form

    Medicare Prevention Activities Form

    Go365 by Humana Education Participation Medicare


    Contact Go365


    Ask a question at Support


    If you would prefer to reach a representative by phone, please call the number on the back of your Humana Member ID or call 1-800-4-humana.