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    Downgraded program, less incentive!


      We loved the Go365 program and the incentive it provided in getting us to move more. How does walking 500 steps 8x a month

      motivate somebody to be more active? The program in it’s previous form really got us walking and working out, this is a serious

      downgrade and very disappointing. The program was one of the major reasons for staying with Humana over very similar and

      competing health plans. Wish they would have informed us about this change during the enrollment period.

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          Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate everyone's input in the program!


          We understand the frustration, all of the changes were made to make the program easier and more accessible for all members. In order to make Go365 easier for you, we have simplified it to only capture your steps or gym visits. By doing it this way, it is easier for you to begin earning rewards!


          The Daily Workouts will be added on top of your Preventive Screening rewards, which have also been increased. If you are working on your overall well-being and getting your screenings and exams you will be able to earn many more rewards!


          Great news! Through the changes that were made, we introduced a NEW way to earn rewards! By participating in a community or social program – even something as common as a dance class, nutrition seminar, volunteering you can earn $5.00, up to 4 times a year! If those may not be of your liking, you can still achieve this activity completion by posting within our Go365 Community!

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            Yeah, it's a total bummer, but it's pretty obvious the program costs too much, hence the cutbacks.  They've got to fix the $60 cap, since the card values are only in $25 increments.  And agreed, the 500 steps is a joke, I can get that in a day hardly moving at all.  Are these limitations only for Medicare people?  If not, then this is virtually a non-program.  The 10,000-steps-a-day is a universally recognized goal; it should be factored in somewhere.

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                Maybe the name of the program will be changed to “Go96” to properly reflect the number of days required to get out of bed and walk into the kitchen. Seems like the majority of rewards will come from having medical tests performed. The program

                used to be called Vitality and provided 

                discounts for healthy foods at Walmart. That was discontinued last year but at least kept the exercise incentive in place. Wondering if next year they will reward us for how many

                pills we take. Seriously questioning how much taking a painting class where I

                sit on my tail will contribute to my physical well being. Oh well, open enrollment time will come again!

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                I totally agree with you. 

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                  I wrote to Go365 with my disappointment about the exercise incentives being changed and I was more or less reminded that this is an optional program and I don't have to participate if I don't want.


                  I will participate... I will show them my Fitbit for 500 steps for 8 days a month, and will not sync my Fitbit anymore than that.


                  I remember once being told that the reason our company stopped the health club membership was that the people who were going to exercise were going to regardless of whether they paid for it or not. This reminds me a lot of that statement.


                  So I will probably mess up their statistics by only showing 8 days a month that qualify for the $5.00, and will simply use another method for tracking my steps (Apple Watch).