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    For those disappointed with reward changes


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          We are here to help. If you have any questions regarding the changes, please feel free to ask here.


          We certainly understand the concerns we have gotten regarding the Go365 changes, and would be happy to go over some of the other ways to still earn rewards.


          If you would also like to share your feedback, you can do so also through this avenue. We have been compiling and sharing as we get more concerns.


          While we cannot guarantee any changes right now, they are being forwarded for future enhancements.

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            I won't argue about the rewards for preventative activities, but the doubling of the reward for getting the wellness visit done in the first 6 months needs to be changed. The members have no control over that. Since you can only have that done once a year half the members are penalized that have been proactive in the past and got their wellness visit in the last 6 months of last year.


            But I am surprised that blood pressure & BMI/waist measurements where not included as they show that members are trying to maintain their health.


            But the real problem that I and and many others is the lack of rewards for real exercise.

            500 steps a day, and only for 8 days is noway related to exercise. Just going to the bathroom, kitchen, and couch will get you that.


            Rewards need to be based on real exercise, proportional to the number steps, based on the number of calories, based on time at HR, or visit to Silver Sneakers.


            Also need $10 reward cards.

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                I totally agree! My wellness visit is always in September because that's when my Advantage plan started after I retired.


                Also agree about motivation for REAL exercise! I take 6 water fitness classes per week and walk a minimum of two miles nearly every day. Obviously, I'm not going to stop, but it's irritating to be made to feel like a fuddy-duddy who's incapable of any meaningful activity. I walked more than 500 steps the day after hip replacement surgery, for pete's sake!