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    How do I connect my fitbit to get activity credits?

      I wear a fitbit Charge HR to keep track of my activity,  caloric in/output,  24Hour HR,  sleep activity,  and water Input.   How do I get it/my fitbit Account/ attached to my Humana vitality account to get credit for my activity?

      Also,  will my Walmart "Healthy for You"  purchased items be


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          I'm wondering the same, except I'm sceptical whether Humana works with mi band. I was too cheap to buy an expensive fitness tracker and am paying the penalty with the mi fit app not picking up on my sleep the majority of the time, as well as disconnecting randomly where I have to unpair the device and then go back and try re-pairing(numerous times, sometimes causing me to go days between it being connected, therefore losing days worth of data)..but since this has been a question I've wondered about for some time and I'm wasting time that I (possibly) cld be earning points I'm about to do further research & if im abl2 fig it out out I'll come back here& let u kno..p.s.-evn if mi band isn't supported I'll still see if I can fig out whether fitbit is..I'm HOPING there is a way to link Humana, which I'm thinking uses an app called Humana fit, to Google Fit bc that wld be ideal since I'm pretty sure most fitness tracker brand apps have an option to sync data with Google Fit. If this happens not to be the case then hopefully someone who works for Humana on this type of thing will make it possible bc otherwise I don't see many ppl being abl2 take advantage of the benefits associated with daily fitness tracking, therefore less likely to choose, or at least stick with Humana insurance.

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            Connect and manage devices

            And give them access after you have it connected

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