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    can't get my g2.0 to sync with Humana

      I've registered my g2.0 device but it won't sync with my Humana account

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          Are you talking about Gearfit 2

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            I am sorry for the inconvenience. There are a few steps I ask that you try so that we can see if your pedometer is defective or not. When you plug in your pedometer, there should be a GearSync box that pops up. If it does not, then you will have to redownload GearSync. You can do this by clicking the blue watch icon > Manage Fitness Devices > Connect under Humana Pedometer > Download GearSync. Run through the installation steps and once it has downloaded, the GearSync box should appear, and your steps should sync again.


            If the GearSync box does pop up, then unplug your pedometer and shake it a few times. Is it counting your steps more accurately? The last steps of registering your pedometer may not have been taken, and it should count more accurately from now on.
            If that does not work you will have to perform a hard reset; take the battery out for a few moments to allow it to reset. When you do take the battery out, it will reset your pedometer, and the steps will be lost. Please let me know if your pedometer still does not work after completing these steps.