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    My workouts

      How do I get my workouts counted on my go365 account? I workout 5 days a week.

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          Participating at a Silver Sneakers fitness center will get you 15 Go365 bucks every day that you go to the gym. The way that it works is- Silver Sneakers sends Go365 a file feed 1 month at a time, 1 month delayed. So March's workouts will arrive at the end of April, April's will arrive at the end of May, so on and so forth.


          You can also utilize a compatible fitness device or mobile app from Medicare Device Compatibility Guide to gain fitness points as well. Once the device is registered to your Go365 account, the data will come over automatically. If you already have a device that is not a compatible device you can keep track of your workouts using the Fitness Device Activity Log. You would fill that log out and send it in periodically through the communication center.


          However, you can only receive one set of Verified Workout Points per day, whether you complete your workout with a device or at a fitness facility. The system will automatically award you for whatever medium earns you the highest number of Points that day.