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    Why medicare members can't use the Go365 App ?


      Why medicare members can not use Go365 App

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          the answer i got to this question is the points are done differently.  she also said they're working on it.  being a retired programmer I know how easy a fix it is so I'm guessing they aren't working real hard.

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              I feel the excuse about Medicare members not being able to connect/ sync our devices is OLD. This should have been taken care of a long time ago. It is hard to find how to sync anything on Go365. My Fitbit steps and recording is where I would earn my points. So, why not make that clear in the 'let's get started' page. An Announcement banner, plain and simple. I sync with everything but the Apple Health App because Fitbit tech staff seem not to priortize dealing with the Apple or Microsoft folks. When it dies, it is gone. I am looking for a suitable replacement.


              Where is a list of the devices that can sync with Go365?  If Medicare members can sync though which one(S) if any, should be easy to find on this site. I will continue to look.