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    How do I connect my SilverSneakers Fitness Center to Go365 so I can start earing point?

      I have been a member of Silver Sneakers for some time and

      have been going to my nearby Silver Sneakers approved

      fitness center since the beginning of July 2017.


      The Go365 website states that I can get credit for my workouts

      if I either get a connected device (don't have) or by connecting

      my Go365 account to my Silver Sneakes approved Fitness



      However, when I go to do this, it keeps asking me to join a

      facility and keeps sending me to the Silver Sneakers website.

      I already belong to an approved facility but it doesn't tell me

      how to connect it to Go365 so I can get credit for my workuts.


      I am visually handicapped and so this back and forth is hard to

      do so if any one can help me in a step-by-step manner it would

      be appreciated.


      Eric Avant