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    how do I submit fitness information

      How does a Medicare member submit fitness information from their devices, I use a FitBit Flex, to the Go365 for rewards points earning?


      How is other information of preventive services posted? Is the information gathered from my Humana claim file or is there some other method. If my doctor has to complete forms to submit information, a load of work is being put on them or me when the claims in Humana and the data in my fitness devices would provide way more than half of what Go365 needs, maybe more like 80%.


      I need a help document prepared by Go365 with all this program information. It don't find is useful to search in questions asked by others and answered by others where the information could be dated by later changes very helpful. It least the confidence in that information causes my blow to raise. Just the one  questioning brow.

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          Brenda- Fitbit is a compatible device. To connect your device, follow these steps:


          Devices and apps can be connected to your Go365 account either online or using the Go365 mobile app:


          1. Access your Go365 Dashboard at Go365.com.
          2. Click the device icon in the top, right-hand corner of the Dashboard.
          3. Click Manage Devices.
          4. Scroll to the Available Devices section.
          5. Click the Connect link under the desired app.
          6. Follow the screen prompts to finalize the connection as this step can vary by app.


          Preventative services are automatically awarded as long as a claim is submitted. There are certain services like the biometrics screening that do not come through on a claim and therefore, the doctor has to fill out and sign off on your BMI, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol.