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    Why have I not received my points for attending classes at the Y?


      I was sent a notice that I would receive points for each class I attended at the y. I joined the y in October and have gone to the classes, but have received no points. Why?

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          Due to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) guidelines, Bucks can no longer roll over at renewal. Bucks must be spent during the same plan year they were earned. Your Bucks balance will revert to zero each year on 1/1.

          Go365 allows you to self-submit December check-ins with SilverSneakers and any additional activities that may not award in time. You can submit by fax, mail, or through a secured message by clicking on the envelope icon. Please be sure that your name, member ID number, and date of birth are included in your submission so that it can be correctly assigned. We also ask that information is sent prior to 12/15 to guarantee enough time for processing.

          Mail:  Go365, P.O. Box 14613 Lexington, KY XXX-XX-XXXX

          Fax: 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX


          Bucks earned at a fitness facility award at the end of every month, which is when we receive the monthly file feeds from SilverSneakers, confirming your prior month’s visits. (Ex: June monthly workouts will be received and awarded at the end of July) You can view your check-ins on the Calendar by clicking the 'Daily workouts' link on your Dashboard in the Weekly View section. Each check-in is worth 15 Bucks unless you earned more Bucks through a different Daily Workout method.