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    What happened to my reward report for last year?


      I earned reward points last year but it looks like I'm starting all over this year.  What happened to last year's report

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          Due to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) guidelines, Bucks can no longer roll over at renewal. Bucks must be spent during the same plan year they were earned. Your Bucks balance will revert to zero each year on 1/1. So yes, the program does start you over each year.


          To begin engaging in the program again, you will want to complete your Health Assessment. The Health Assessment can be found on your Dashboard by clicking on the link towards the top that says "Click here to get started on your Health Assessment".

          Once you have completed your Health Assessment, the program will be tailored towards your current state of health. There will be recommended activities based on the results of your Health Assessment. You can find the recommended activities by following this route:

          • On your Go365 page, click on the sub-link ‘Activities
          • Choose ‘Recommended’ under the Filter Activities by Category list
          • Select “View Details” or click “Set activity” if you are ready to set the activity.
          • Once reviewing the “How to complete this activity” section, you can “+Add activity.”


          Once the activity is set, you will have a specific timeframe to complete it. There will be a list of related activities, but they are only recommendations and not required. To see the requirements for achieving your recommended activity, view the section listed ‘How to complete this activity’.

          There are also several prevention activities that will earn you Bucks. Qualifying prevention activities include:

          • Annual Wellness Exam - female or male, all ages
          • Mammogram - female, age 40+
          • Colorectal Screening - female or male, age 50+
          • Cardiovascular Disease Screening – female or male, all ages
          • Bone Density Test – female or male, all ages
          • Flu Shot (includes H1N1 vaccine) - female or male, all ages
          • Vision Exam - female or male, all ages
          • Dental Exam - female or male, all ages


          For more information on eligible activities, click on Quick Links > Ways to earn. 


          You can monitor all processed activities if you click on Dashboard and select View Go365 Statement from the Recent Earnings box on the left. Save yourself time by using the correct category from the ‘Filter By’ drop-down and click ‘Go.' Activities are listed by date of service, rather than the processing date.