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    having  problem finding the place to download my pedometer


      Can't find the place to download my g2.0 pedometer, help

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          After reviewing your Go365 account, I show that your Humana pedometer is not connected to your Go365 account. Below are the steps you can follow to connect it to Go365 and upload your steps to earn your rewards.

          • Click Quick Links
          • Click Connect and Manage Devices
          • Click “Connect” by Humana Pedometer
          • Follow the steps to download the Humana GearSync
          • Plug the pedometer into the USB port of the computer
          • Copy and paste the serial number of your pedometer
          • Go to Manage Fitness Devices

          You can now disconnect your pedometer from the USB port, and it will start counting steps.

          The next time you connect your pedometer to the computer via the USB port, Humana GearSync will automatically come up and read the memory from the pedometer. It will also clear the memory so you can start accumulating more steps again. You can view your uploaded steps on your Fitness Calendar.


          To find your serial number, plug your pedometer in and look for the GearSync icon in the bottom right of your system tray (by the volume, date, and time). The icon is a white square with a blue circle inside. Right-click the GearSync icon, left click ‘Copy Serial Number’, go back to Go365.com, and paste that in the box. Right-click GearSync icon again, and left click Finish Registration’ (if it’s not shown, this is okay). Please note: if you are on a MAC computer, click the HumanaGear icon (g with a circle around it), hover over the picture, and select the down arrow. Your serial number will then appear.