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    How to sync garmin


      How to sync a garmin!!!

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          Devices and apps can be connected to your Go365 account online. Before connecting the accounts, be sure to verify your credentials for the device/app. To connect, please follow the steps below:


          • Access your Go365 Dashboard at Go365.com.
          • Click the device icon in the top, right-hand corner of the Dashboard.
          • Click Manage Devices.
          • Scroll to the Available Devices section.
          • Click Connect under the desired app.
          • Follow the screen prompts to finalize the connection as this step can vary by app.
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            Most sync devi use Garmin Express to uploa data using your computer or Garmin Connect Mobile to upload data using your smartphone. Press and hold the button on your v'ivofit until you see SYNC on the device screen, then released the butto. Stay near your computers or phone while syncing. Most people will sync at least once a day. If you already had the Garmin Connected website open on your computer reload the page to see your new information.