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    Why don't I get bucks for 2018?


      I got "bucks" for using silver sneakers at the Y last year, but none for 2018.  Anybody else missing bucks?

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          Bucks earned at a fitness facility award at the end of every month, which is when we receive the monthly file feeds from SilverSneakers, confirming your prior month’s visits. (Ex: June monthly workouts will be received and awarded at the end of July) You can view your check-ins on the Calendar by clicking the 'Daily workouts' link on your Dashboard in the Weekly View section. Each check-in is worth 15 Bucks unless you earned more Bucks through a different Daily Workout method.


          If you've been attending a SilverSneakers fitness center all year but haven't been awarded for January yet, please call customer service as there may be an issue. January's SilverSneakers were sent to Go365 on 3/2/18. February's workouts will be sent at the end of this month.