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    How can I become a health coach for Humana?


      I am a Humana member, and I am a Certified Health Coach. I know the importance of a very healthy lifestyle in order to become healthier and maintain the best health possible. I believe Humana shares this opinion.  All of Humana's program's support members learning to become healthier. Humana already provides a 24-hr nurse advice line, but it does not provide a 24-hr health coach assistance line. This would be extremely helpful for people who need help with:

      Weight management, physical activity and nutrition

      Blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol management

      Quitting smoking

      Stress management

      Back care


      I copied the above information from a recent Humana booklet called Reach Your Goals, under the page heading HUMANA HEALTH COACHES

      I hope you agree that almost everyone could benefit, even greatly benefit from the help, guidance and support of a health coach.  I would like to be one of these extremely effective and helpful health coaches.


      Please direct this message to the leaders in Humana who can decide to radically improve the company by hiring many, many health coaches to benefit Humana members' health, in order to educate , assist and guide them to improve their health, and lower healthcare costs as a result!


      Thank you in advance,

      Ellen Bander, MS

      Certified Health Coach