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    Anyone else here have a hard time losing weight?


      I go to the gym two to three times a week, I also walk 1-2 miles 3 times a week, I am on a 2,000 calorie diet...I am gaining weight! I was told me that I am building muscle mass and that's why I'm gaining, I need to lose 50 lbs and all this hard work and I am gaining

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          Carol- I would recommend getting in touch with a health coach through Go365 if you haven't already. To reach your health coach, click Quick Links > Health Coaching.

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              Hi thank you so much for your response! I have been working with a health

              coach, and I've been working out I've been on under 2000 calories a day

              eating sensible leaning towards a Keto Mediterranean style diet. I've never

              been a skinny person for me normal is like a hundred and seventy-five

              pounds that's like a size 14, but I've weighed the same for about 20 years

              and no matter what I do I cannot get the weight off, I used to jog, and

              getting older and getting my knees replaced again jog anymore but I'm

              extremely active but I just can't get the weight off! And I know there's

              got to be somebody out there in the same shoes.

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              Yes the last time I went to my doctor on April 3rd I was weighing 240 lb. I knew I had to lose weight so to help curve my appetite my doctor prescribed for me that I paid out of pocket medicine called Phentermine. I have 15 grams that I take once a day. I took it at 6 a.m. My blood pressure medicine at 7 and I eat breakfast around 8 or so. So far I've lost 20 pounds and I have 60 to go. I started walking and in the senior building where I live we have a fitness room. I'm up to a half-hour with that. And 2 days a week I go to senior exercise. It's going to take me about a year to get down to my fighting weight and it's not easy but I monitor what I eat I don't eat after 7 I limit my TV I try to keep as active as possible. Sometimes I slip. Like at church last week we had a taste of Nations dinner I took I a little bit of everything and I was going to nibble on it but I ate it when I got home. But I did like my mother used to do the next day I cut back and I'm back on track. Sorry to be so long-winded but I just wanted to let you know where I stood. The reason I wanted to lose weight was that when I had all my blood test the doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and my late husband was a diabetic, my mother was a diabetic, my late father was a a diabetic. And it runs on both sides of my family.

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                I too walk 2-3 miles a day.  My problem is I am an emotional eater.  I know not eating because of stress is bad but overeating is a problem too.  Now that the weather is nice, I plan to up my activity.  Also I have a yoga mat and dvd for meditation tape from Humana which I need to start listening to.  Maybe relieving the stress in my life may help me reduce the eating too.

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                  How tall are you and how much do you weigh? 2000 calories is probably too many. Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

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                    I think that the Silver Sneakers Program is the best for me and the facility that I go to has a warm pool and makes the exercises so much easier to do.

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                        Thank you for your reply!

                        I was talking to my sister and she had been going to the gym for six

                        months and told me all the sudden she dropped 16 pounds…

                        So I’ve kept that in mind and I’ve just kept  walking and walking and

                        walking… LOL I can’t always walk around the neighborhood because of the

                        weather so I do walking videos and I turn on Pepe music when I’m in the

                        house helps me have a little bounce in my step.

                        I try to do 10,000 steps a day and I started doing that about I don’t know

                        nine weeks ago maybe and since then it seems like it’s helped but it sure

                        is hard to do.  I get the most relief for my arthritis when I am consistent

                        and walk and it keeps my muscles limber …hopefully it continues hopefully

                        it continues!


                        Best wishes to you and happy new year !


                          ♀️  ♂️  ♀️  ️♀️  ⛹️♂️ Stay active


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                        I had trouble losing weight for years. .  I only ate 1 meal a day and was a smoker. After I quit smoking (11years now) I started to eat at least 2 meals a day and started to walk 2 miles a day. Later I found out that

                        a medication made it harder for me to lose the weight. My weight dropped after a month. I am now 12 lbs lighter. I believe changing my diet and being active helped the most.

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                          While muscle mass is part of all exercise, exercises come in all types and forms.  For example, weight lifters WANT excess muscle training but that same excess muscle can restrict movement to a degree..  Dancers TONE their muscles but their exercises allow full fluidity of movement. Athletes generally want a half and half mix, depending on the sport in which they engage.

                          If you are gaining too much weight (while eating normally or less), it may be the type of exercises you are doing. I would suggest you discuss your goals with the fitness instructor/trainer to select exercises that will TONE your body, build some muscle essential to cardio-healthy living, but not necessarily build excess muscle.

                          Good luck.


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                            Well, I am have a hard time losing weight. When you have stomach problem. I am doing MyFitnessPal program to lose weight. Since, I can’t go to the gym to work like that because my health problem. So, I am that I will lose 64 pounds and it don’t take a long time to lose this weigh.

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                              Well, I go to the gym three times out of the week if I can because I be having health issue. Sometime, I feel like it hard for me to lose weight but I keep on pushing myself. I know if I lose this weight I will have better health in the future. I need to lose about 100 pounds and it is very hard to lose this weigh. Also, I eat all Baked foods. So, change the way I eat.

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                                Well just attended a WELLNESS SEMINAR where a lengthy discussion of weight loss was presented. Perhaps some of what I learned may help those of you experiencing difficulty losing weight:

                                1. As we age our metabolism slows down.  Result = slower weight loss.. but, read on...... 

                                2. As others have indicated in this thread, some medicines hamper weight loss. If weight loss is essential for your condition, TELL  YOUR DOCTOR, who may suggest alternative meds,  but read on....

                                3.  So, how many of you have taken a look at the ingredients in the food you buy?  

                                               ADVICE --- STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING WITH CORN. I  guarantee you this will be nearly impossible to do especially IF YOU EAT PACKAGED FOODS, because corn in one form or another is HIDDEN in virtually every packaged food we eat nowadays (just try reading the ingredients on every food item in your house). HERE ARE THE FACTS-- it takes a very long time for our bodies to break down corn because of it's high starch content and... the longer it sits in our body, the more weight stays on our bodies. Even small amounts clog up our stomachs hampering normal digestion.

                                               I discovered this the hard way...   I had developed an allergy to corn (corn oil, corn syrup, corn solids, high fructose corn syrup, and the list goes on). On Doctor's recommendation I read EVERY label in my closet and refrigerator only to discover, CORN was in practically EVERYTHING even KETCHUP!!!!    Now you know why we gain weight EVEN on DIET products --- CORN!!!!!  One woman on Oprah cut out diet soda (LOADED WITH CORN) for a month; with no other food changes nor exercise, and LOST 10 lbs.

                                By the way, this principle of staying too long in the body applies to other STARCHY  VEGGIES as well. Other than obvious  starches e.g. breads, rice, pastas, sweets, etc., STARCH is HIDING in PEAS, BUTTERNUT SQUASH, TURNIPS, etc.  Ask your doctor for a list of NON-STARCHY vegetables, suitable to you and your medicines and bulk up on these instead.  Remember ASK YOUR DOCTOR, because some vegetables may not work with medicines you are taking. ( e.g. YOUR DOCTOR WILL MONITOR  your intake of cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, some teas, shrimp, or even GRAPEFRUIT if you are on a blood thinner such as warfarin!)

                                4.  and now for the real CLINCHER.... It's not what you eat but HOW you chew!!!   Having dental issues?   Cut the food down to manageable pieces or even puree them if necessary, but DON'T swallow until the food is sufficiently chewed.  In that seminar I learned that if we ingest large pieces of food, they can NOT be broken down quickly by the enzymes in our stomach. What does that mean?   As with corn... it sits there LONGER... and.... the longer it sits in our body, the more weight stays on our bodies (making matters worse, those slowly digested large chunks come back as acid reflux!).

                                5.   For those of you who have movement restrictions, you are in my thoughts because I KNOW that is difficult, but remember... ANY exercise is better than none.  It keeps the blood flowing and this aids weight loss. I have worked with amputees who thought they could not exercise. Showed them that upper body exercises (fingers, arms, neck, shoulders, waists) are STILL exercise. Within weeks their reaction times were faster, blood was flowing and... yes, body toning along with weight loss improved.

                                6.  Get a sufficient amount of SLEEP.  Hands down...  INSUFFICIENT SLEEP RESULTS IN WEIGHT GAIN! 

                                7.  Avoid STRESS! OK... we all know that we eat more when stressed, PLUS stress causes us to lose sleep, but apparently studies have shown that STRESS ALONE physiologically causes an increase in weight. Go figure! 


                                Hope this helps! 

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                                    This is great information thanks so much!


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                                             U r so welcome!

                                             I looked at your original comment and really understand how frustrating it is not to be able to jog any more.  Hang in there!   Believe me, I know that upper body exercises won't fully satisfy you the way your jogging did, but they sure can help.  I also saw you are using the Mediterranean diet.  That's pretty much all my family has ever cooked, but..... guess what?!!!   CHECK THOSE LABELS when your buying packaged ingredients for your recipes, EVEN FOR the Mediterranean diet. Tell U why...

                                              About 15 years back, I found myself getting acid reflux from homemade Spaghetti sauce.  (I cheated... I used canned tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes). After this happened three times tn a row, I decided to look at the ingredients in the can.  There it was... something new... CITRIC ACID,  BUT WAIT... IT GETS WORSE. I then checked out some of  the jarred sauces in the supermarket.  Lo & behold.... CORN STARCH!  Not in a million years would my family add corn starch to sauce. You want a thick sauce; you just cook it longer! 

                                             Not only that, I found products that said  "LITE", "Low Sodium", etc. were adding some type of corn as well. (Seems they sneak that corn into almost everything!)    Checked out sodium levels as well.  From what I saw, the "LITE" products had more sodium than the regular and the "Low Sodium" added sugars (e.g.corn syrup).   When researching why this occurred, I learned that Companies add these to make up for the loss of flavor that would occur in "LITE", 'Low sodium,"  etc.

                                             I'm not saying this exists across the board.  In fact, I managed to find canned/jarred tomatoes without citric acid and without corn starch, but... once again, as consumers it seems we have to READ all labels before buying.!!!!   I've even resorted to reading the labels EVERY TIME I make a new purchase of the SAME product     Why???   Because I've found EVEN IF I'M BUYING THE SAME PRODUCT... from one purchase to the next Companies have actually CHANGED the ingredients.  Sneaky, huh?!  

                                             I also am careful when companies say "original recipe" or "classic recipe."  I caught one such company in a lie.  I bought a bottle of a popular steak sauce (don't think I'm allowed to include the brand here, but it starts with a "W") that said "ORIGINAL RECIPE" on the bottle.  Had used this brand for years but started to get acid reflux from it.  Right after that, my grandmother passed. In cleaning out her pantry... waaay in the back, there was a bottle of the same brand from "the year of the flood". I compared ingredients, then I called the company!  Guess what, they no longer sell bottles saying "Original Recipe"  gee... I wonder why?