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    No Silver Sneakers much in my area, Adding any?


      In my area YMCA no longer participates in Silver Sneakers since 2015.  Victory Lady Fitness Center has closed all of its locations as of June 2018.  Anytime Fitness isn't open sunday, and only til 12 noon on Saturdays or NOT at all for some locations.  Both Crunch and Nifty After Fifty have very few locations, so many are NOT convenient  so really you haven't provided much in the way of a Silver Sneakers program that is supposed to come with my insurance plan.  So don't tell me you are going to give me something, and then not give it or expect me to drive 30 minutes away which is half the length of a workout, and still not have much equipment or classes at those which are far away.  I am on East Coast, so please provide an outlet.  Waiting your response.