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    Eating better for diabetic health


      Having once had a physique that would rival Dwayne Johnson and now looking more like Don Rickles I admit I need help. At six feet and 330 lbs I know proper exercise is as important as proper nutrition. I do exercise regularly though most of the exercise is weight resistance training. Any type of cardio I've tried is extremely challenging and often harmful due to many neurological conditions affecting strength, coordination and balance. Swimming being one of the few I've found that does not put me at risk of further injury. I do love to swim and have found a location that works with Silver Sneakers and am very excited to begin going there.My question today focuses more on ways to improve my diet for diabetic health and weight loss. I am currently on a gluten-free (as low as possible) diet due to Celiac as well as a low sugar (no non-caloric sweeteners because of edema) and high protein, lo-carb eating style. I have recently had my thyroid removed as well as a large goiter and am noticing a great many changes in the foods my body will now tolerate and changes in food allergies. I am allergic to almost all nuts and am developing an intolerance of milk based dairy foods and foods containing pork in even modest amounts. Thyroid replacement medications preclude eating or drinking foods containing soy, as well as broccoli and cauliflower. I could really use some educated advice in developing a healthy balanced diet to aid in reaching a healthier weigh and still allow me to continue strength training and an increase in flexibility and stamina in the water.

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          Congratulations on taking steps to better health! It is fantastic to hear that you are on your way to a life-long journey to well-being! You can contact a health coach through your Go365 account for further assistance.


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          You can always contact your medical benefits to see what different programs are available.