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    I have not received my walmart gift card order on 08/16/2016


      Order Confirmation

      Dear SARA,

      You’ve successfully placed an order in the Go365® Mall – give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve taken steps toward living a healthier life, and you deserve this reward.

      Your order information:
      Go365 Order number: 10535789
      Order date: 08/16/2018
      Total Bucks redeemed: 2,500

      Do not delete this message! You can always view the details and order status by viewing your order history.






      Walmart Gift Card  Amount: $ 25




      Return policy
      Returns are not accepted in the following cases: if the item is unwanted (buyer's remorse), if the recipient is not satisfied with the item, or if the incorrect size of fitness device or apparel was ordered.

      Order cancellation
      An entire order or specific item(s) within an order may be canceled within 24 hours of when the order is placed. To cancel the item(s), you may sign in to your Go365 account and view the
      Order History, or contact the Customer Service center by calling the number on the back of your Humana or Go365 member ID card. 24-hour cancellation does not apply to Electronic Gift Codes, Charity Redemptions, Account Contributions, or any Go365 Mall purchase where the item is immediately processed and delivered via confirmation email. Go365 Mall rewards and how they are delivered vary by plan.  Members may not have access to all reward categories.

      Gift Cards
      Gift Cards may not be returned, cancelled or exchanged.

      Tax information
      It is your responsibility to determine tax obligations, if any, related to participation in the Program for rewards, discounts, savings and contest prizes received under Go365. You are responsible for all applicable taxes, including income tax liability, associated with any item acquired under the Program.

      Additional details about your redemption may be found in your Go365 Mall order history. For questions regarding your order, sign in to Go365 and send us a
      secure message, or contact us using the number on the back of your member ID card.