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    Updating contact information


      I think I'm in an infinite loop here.  When I order things from the Go365 store, it always has an email address for me from a former private employer (which no longer works).  However, my plan is from my wife's employment with the state of Texas (we are both retired).  I finally tracked this down to the myHumana site, where you can edit contact information.  However, when I try to make changes I always get an error, and when I contact Humana by phone they tell me I must get the information changed through the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS).  The trouble is, ERS knows nothing about the email address from my former employer; Humana must have dredged this up, possibly from Humana coverage with the former employer.  In addition, the phone number on the myHumana page is my wife's phone number, not mine.  We have tried getting this changed through ERS, but it just seems to fall down a black hole.  What steps can we take at this point?  Thanks.