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    How is Go365 changing in 2019?


      I'd like to know what to expect.

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          Great ask! I would be happy to provide more details here! You are exactly correct - we have heard our member's feedback and are making some positive changes! Here are a few!


          We’re making it easier, and more enjoyable than ever to participate in Go365 and earn rewards.


          In 2019, say hello to:


          • A simplified online experience – we’ll guide you step-by-step in your health journey.


          • Earn $5, $10, $25, $30 rewards* – new rewards structure to replace Go365 Bucks. Plus, you’ll be able to earn more than

          $200 in rewards per year to redeem gift cards.


          *Rewards have no cash value.


          • Fun, new ways to earn rewards – we added more social and lifestyle activities you enjoy, and retired the Health Assessment,

          Go365 Age, and Biometric screening.


          • Redeem rewards for gift cards – the Go365 Mall will include only the top 6 gift cards most requested by members.


          More information is coming - you will soon be getting flyers, as well as additional community posts will be available here!


          Stay tuned!

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              Thank you.
              ~ Lark ~

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                They really think their members are stupid. I received the following reply when I asked about my precious $5 I hadn't gotten.  They act like it's the best thing since slice bread.   Going to look at other options for insurance next year.  Go365 was one of the reasons we stayed with Humana. Following is their reply...


                Humana shifted the focus to reward for activities that matter most to members, including the addition of volunteering and other social components.  You will receive $5.00 in rewards a month for every month you exercise at least 8 days by taking 500 steps or more. That is $60.00 per year in rewards. I have attached the ways to earn document for your convenience so that you can see all the ways you can earn Bucks.

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                Why did you take out the best part of the program which was the exercise component? What you now have is basically useless for keeping in shape. This was a reason I renewed with Humana, but it is no longer a plus. Whoever is responsible for this program needs to rethink priorities.

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                  From what I have seen, the "update" is a downgrade.  Unfortunately for folks who don't live in a city, don't have much of an opportunity for community classes and activities which makes it more difficult for us to participate.  The vitality program which provided a discount for purchasing healthy food would definitely be an incentive to eat healthy for those of us who are tight incomes which includes most seniors.  Maybe I should wait for more information because the website is surely not as informative as past website for Go365 was.  Maybe this needs to be reevaluated again, and provide for more activities and for clearer information before it's actually published.