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    Fitbit Step reporting not accurate


      Just started using the FitBit Zip.  After going thru all stepup steps and syncing FitBit to Humana Go365...reporting of steps is going over into my Humana Go365 acct and rewards Bucks are being issued.


      Here's the issue, the Step reporting isn't accurate.  I am not sure what time(s) the Go365 acct snycs with the FitBit App.  So today, 11/11/18..I noted 1,139 steps was sync'ed to my Go365 acct and I was given 2 Bucks.  The problem is, the 1,139 steps was from a Sync with the FitBit app that took place sometime around Mid-Afternoon.  Looking at my FitBit now it shows I have 2,116 steps so far today.  That means, due to the time Go365 sync'ed..mid afternoon...I will have lost Approx 1,000 steps that I walked following the todays sync...unless the sync takes place more than 1 time per day...does it?  FitBit Resets it self a midnight, steps go to Zero, but the prior days steps are kept in the App.  So on a daily basis if I sync my FitBit to the FitBit app at 4pm....and Go365 Syncs at, lets say 6pm...and I go out and walk 2,000 more steps I lose all this additional activity.


      But lets say I am away for a week or more.  My FitBit App is on my PC (not my Cell phone which I do not turn on every day...reason I use My PC).  So I am away for a full week, the FitBit I believe holds 7 days worth of per day steps. I sync it to my Fitbit PC App when I get home.....not sure all 7 days will be sent\sync'ed to Go365...will it?


      I do hope I have all this wrong...but I can right now only go by what took place today, Go365 shows 1139 steps from the afternoon sync (I looked at Go365 at 6:30p) and now my FitBit is showing 2116 steps....again, I have lost as to Go365 records....around 1000 steps....