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confused and disappointed

Question asked by aka221114401116 on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by 3SIEB3P0P3B1F

It is a shame that when one gets acquainted with one way of how this go365 works it is changed every year. For someone who confuses easily, this is not helpful for it takes a while to reacquaint yet again. I find that the site is not easy to find things as before such as the tabs or icons at the top. Also how much is totally earned. Also would like to state that there should be more incentives for those of us who have difficulty with mobility. I do not live in a large community where much is available for silver sneakers and  community stuff you say this includes. It would be very beneficial for in home things for those who are not able to go far. Will you have available webinars again, which I got in on the last month you had it in 17 because I just learned about the program in the autumn when it had been available months prior. Let us be reasonable for all involved please. Thank you. Perhaps inquiring with those of us participating with a survey of possible changes might be nice. I find that my motivation with how your program is turning out to be for the year beginning today is not as much as it was last year. That encouraged me to do what I could to walk some.