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Motivation no longer offered

Question asked by Aka2542344690 on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by 2KOPC3S6P5Y9V

Humana is no longer encouraging seniors to get up, and get active, to improve overall health.  Giving a $5.00 "reward" for 500 steps, 8 days a month, is equivalent to promoting and condoning a sedentary lifestyle.  This is a disgrace.  Yet this is what Humana is now labeling a "healthy activity".  


A health insurance company should be promoting exercise to IMPROVE physical and mental health.   Human's answer to this is  frightening. 

500 steps, 8 days a month, and no encouragement or  incentive offered to increase activity.    Walking, to and from the refrigerator, is not an exercise program.   But, why bother when the  $5.00 monthly "reward"  would not  even cover the cost of the necessary activity tracker.


You did increase rewards for preventive care.  Isn't exercise considered preventive care anymore?  Isn't it known to reverse some physical and mental health issues, without the use of medications?    Why lower the rewards for something that can prevent and even reverse health problems?   In the end, doesn't exercise actually save Humana money?


Humana, you have removed the incentive program that so many seniors needed, for motivation, to get out of the recliner and get moving.   A lack of exercise negatively impacts overall health, and increases the need for medical visits and prescriptions.   These changes to Go365 are detrimental to seniors, and, in the end, to Humana.