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    Man-up and give us our point activity back. Trickery.


      I pay $480.00 for a gym membership, $150.00 for a Fitbit, workout in water aerobics or with trainer 2-3 times a day and I get $5.00 for walking to the kitchen and back for 8 days. I quit. Y'all can pay for the medical bills and see what that cost you.Man -up and give us our point activity back. Trickery.

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          Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate everyone's input in the program!


          We understand the frustration, all of the changes were made to make the program easier and more accessible for all members. In order to make Go365 easier for you, we have simplified it to only capture your steps or gym visits. By doing it this way, it is easier for you to begin earning rewards!


          The Daily Workouts will be added on top of your Preventive Screening rewards, which have also been increased. If you are working on your overall well-being and getting your screenings and exams you will be able to earn many more rewards!


          Great news! Through the changes that were made, we introduced a NEW way to earn rewards! By participating in a community or social program – even something as common as a dance class, nutrition seminar, volunteering you can earn $5.00, up to 4 times a year! If those may not be of your liking, you can still achieve this activity completion by posting within our Go365 Community!