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    Why do you think Go365 is GoingDownHill?


      I am, like many here, seeing a precipitous decline in the value that Go365 offered up til now.


      I do think, however, that it might be only fair to consider what brought this about, and might even help some of us feel better, not so cheated as we might otherwise.


      I do feel cheated myself, in a very real way. Like the unethical advertising trick called "bait-and-switch," I feel as though I was in part sold on the benefits of Humana based on the rewards of Go365, only to see so many members confirming that the program has been cut drastically.


      I can only theorize that it was costing Humana too much, which leads me to believe it will soon be phased out. Just the administrative costs would be untenable for them if few members saw any value in using it, so what would be the point.


      Finally, thank you for all those who have posted their honest responses. I was all ready to shop for an activity tracker and figure out how long it would take to pay for itself, but soon concluded Go365 just isn't Rewarding enough anymore.

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          I agree with you assessment.  I notice no answer, and I expect you will not get one. 


          Note - the step count needed to earn $5 a month is so low that it really is payment for wearing a fitness tracker.  (You cant wear one and not get at least 500 steps in a day). This is interesting since Fitbit is a partner with Go356. So, you can earn $60 a year wearing a tracker,  If you buy a $200 Fitbit, it will take you 4 years to earn this amount.  From my experience, you have zero chance of a Fitbit lasting 4 years. 


          I used to be able to earn enough on Go365 to replace my Fitbit as needed after about 18 months. 


          The new program has NO incentive at all to use a tracker or even take part in Go365.  I will be leaving Humana at the next open enrollment period.

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            Thank you all so much for your feedback! We appreciate everyone's input in the program!


            We understand the frustration, all of the changes were made to make the program easier and more accessible for all members. In order to make Go365 easier for you, we have simplified it to only capture your steps or gym visits. By doing it this way, it is easier for you to begin earning rewards!


            The Daily Workouts will be added on top of your Preventive Screening rewards, which have also been increased. If you are working on your overall well-being and getting your screenings and exams you will be able to earn many more rewards!


            Great news! Through the changes that were made, we introduced a NEW way to earn rewards! By participating in a community or social program – even something as common as a dance class, nutrition seminar, volunteering you can earn $5.00, up to 4 times a year! If those may not be of your liking, you can still achieve this activity completion by posting within our Go365 Community!


            Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

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              Great News!  you have got to be kidding me!  Maybe it is great news to someone who is completely immobile.  I am certainly not implying that there should not be benefits and incentives for those who cannot work out, or walk more than 500 steps.  There should be alternatives...   and I am not sure that the changes in this program are to cut expenses.  Notice - the pay back for some preventative treatments are much greater.  My problem with this program now is that I have lost much of my motivation to walk daily to stay fit.  Last year I averaged 7500-10,000 steps a day.  So far, this year, I am still motivated to walk ..somewhat... because I know the importance.  But I am not motivated to PUSH.  The first 3 days, I have averaged about 5000 steps.   IMHO, Humana's ideal should be to PUSH us to stay as fit as possible, NOT to institute a socialist program that attempts to give everyone a chance at *equal* rewards.   Humana cannot deny that it is beneficial to walk 10,000 steps most days or work out most days.  For those who cannot, find creative ways to offer alternative incentives   I for one do not appreciate the GREAT NEWS! canned response, as if we are too dumb to realize that we have most out on the motivation and incentive that Go365 used to provide us.   

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                I respectfully submit that, first Humana's downgrading of Go365 rewards, then Humana's official response here to why you did it, have significantly tarnished the Humana brand. At least it has in my eyes.


                You have truly insulted our intelligence by claiming that you made the change to benefit the members. Why not just explain the economic realities of the situation instead of treating us like children with this completely unbelievable excuse?


                This generation as much as any understands a company must make a profit, but this cynical claim that you've diminished what is obviously of value to so many for our own benefit is ludicrous, no matter how many enthusiastic exclamation points you use to make us believe it.


                If you sincerely thought this was an improvement on the old program, I would have expected your sales agent to have included that in the script he read from when I called to inquire just weeks ago. Instead, he never even mentioned Go365 (I only knew about it because of web searches), which tells me by that point Humana already knew Go365 no longer offered the kinds of benefits that would win anyone over.


                I thought I had finally found an insurance company that was sincere in its marketing statements: that it was truly committed to the health of its members. With Humana's actions here I see more of a bait-and-switch approach: one of the factors most reassuring to my decision to join has now been so downgraded as to be useless.

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