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Question asked by Aka17218915312 on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by go365admin3

I just found out that my wife and my pedometers are no longer compatable with the go365 program!  We purchased the Humana 2.0 pedometers 6 years ago from the go365mall and have used them faithfully since that time.  Our steps would not upload yesterday, so I contacted a rep who told me to disconnect and the reconnect the pedometers.  When I did this I was informed the pedometers were not compatable with the program.  I contacted them again by phone and after researching this was told the Humana pedometers would no longer work with the program.  I was told to watch for an email that would explain this and then offer a redeemable offer for another device.  Go Figure!!!!!!!!