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    Annual Wellness Bonus


      If Go365 is awarding a bonus of $25 for completing the annual wellness check-up with-in the first six months of the year, I find that bias and unfair to the members who can't complete their annual during the first six months, because it has to be a year and a day from the last annual. You might want to rethink the bonus, since myself and many other members can't get the bonus, because of that. Very disappointing!!!

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          I have the same question.  My annual wellness check occurs in December.  I don't understand being penalized for something I have no control over as Humana will not allow a new check until December.

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            I understand the frustration with some of the changes to the Go365 Program in 2019. We are always working to make the program successful for all members and we appreciate any feedback you may have on the process. Medicare Plans may differ based on demographical area and the type of membership and it is important to hear from all of our members to make sure everyone is successful.


            I can definitely appreciate how this change may impact your rewards. Please know, by continuing to get your annual wellness exam, you are still being proactive in achieving your best health! While you may not be eligible for this particular activity, I would be happy to walk through others that may still be of benefit to you and your overall well-being.