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    $ value for gift cards


      This year the lowest value to get on a gift card is $25. Therefore, any $ you have over a $25 increment will be lost. If you look at the maximum amount you can get there is no way to get added points to hit the next $25 level, besides they have eliminated many of the card choices!!!  Again, where's the incentive?

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          I understand the concern about the rewards changes for 2019. Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your opinions and are working to make the program successful for all members.


          The changes to the gift cards in the Go365 Mall were made to make it easier to place your order. These were chosen because they were the most popular and had the largest number redeemed by far of all of the other gift cards. If there are some options that you would like to see I would be happy to share them with our Customer Representation team.


          All of the Gift Cards come pre-loaded with a set amount, we are unable to change that amount. We get them directly from our vendor with the amount already loaded. I will share your concern with only having $25 increments as well.