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Question asked by 8BAKE4S052W8U on Jan 4, 2019
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For what it's worth, if one looks at the total amount of money available, it's $175.  That includes all of the options, and granted, the $30 colo-rectal screening is a big part of that.  But, under the "old" system, that would equate to 17,500 points, and that for me, is quite a bit.  I think they are moving more toward the "preventative" doctor visits, than the "be healthy, exercise" scenario.

No, I'm not defending them, because the concept of 500 steps 8 days a month for $5.00 as a max for each month seems dumb, to be blunt.  Plus, I take weekly Yoga classes, so I'll max out the "social" aspect before January is out.  Not a well thought out plan, most can max out the majority of the earnings in a month or two, then sit on their butt, and vegetate for the rest of the year.  Not what they planned, I would think.