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    Addition by subtraction


      Please do not patronize us by attempting to show that these changes are more beneficial than what we had before.  The idea of addition by subtraction doesn't fly, and it is insulting that Humana believes seniors are so gullible. 

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          As an active member, I understand the frustration you may be having for some of the changes to the Go365 program for 2019. Any changes that have been made have been to make the program successful for all members.


          What types of activities would you like to see as part of the Go365 Program? I would be happy to share your feedback with our Customer Recommendation team for future review of the program.

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              I would like to see the online class material that was included regarding various areas of our lives.  Understanding health problems, help for nutrition, medication, assorted exercise programs for those who are physically challenged and disabled.  I think the program should be expanding to include activities for those who live in rural areas which are not well served by physical classes, gyms, social activities, etc.  I know a program cannot be all things for all people, but the new Go365 appears to be removing some of the things we seniors liked best.

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                When Go365 began, exercise was encouraged, and rewarded.  Now, what is being promoted as "healthy activity" is, in fact, a dangerous, sedentary lifestyle.


                We chose Humana for our HEALTH insurance provider.  Humana's "new" program for  HEALTH is 4000 steps a month.  Frightening, absolutely Frightening.


                Please bring back a HEALTHY Activity program, that encourages seniors to move away from the recliner, and become physically active / physically fit for improved health.

                Further, encourage by providing data that show the benefits of exercise and healthy eating habits, to improve health and quality of life.


                You are our HEALTH insurance provider.  Yes, you encourage yearly doctor visits and tests.  But shouldn't you also encourage Healthy lifestyles?

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