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    I am totally disapponted by the new incentive program.  


      There is really no $ incentive to exercise and report it in.  Going to the gym can mean just sitting in the whirlpool. This program was a good motivator for pushing your limits and setting goals, but no longer. The administrative team doesn't seem to appreciate the value real physical activity.  If the aim of this program is to promote healthy physical activity, it won't work structured this way.  I rode a bicycle 4100 miles last year to earn about $145.  I have no ambition for gym type exercise.  This program needs to be much more flexible.  This structure just returns a small $5 rebate on the monthly insurance premium; not a great reason to try and stay fit.        

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          I understand the frustration with some of the changes for the Go365 program for 2019. I want to thank you for your feedback about the activities. We are trying to make the program successful for all members. I have shared them with our Customer Recommendation team for future changes to the program.

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              At least your response wasn't just a boilerplate; however, due to the fact that we weren't warned about this lack of incentive to exercise I have decided to change my insurance when open enrollment starts next November. My wife who was also with Humana made the change for this year and is happy with her change. Health providers tell me that Humana is the worst payer of bills submitted to them. So staying with Humana is a no win situation for all concerned. Changing is a no brainer!

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                I am sorry but it doesn't seem like you understand our frustrations.  And furthermore would you please tell us what position you have in the organization? I have a feeling you are a computer program with a few lines of text programmed in you.  The organizers and people that changed the incentive for healthy living need to get off their chairs and walk 500 steps and see how little that is.  Sometimes i get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, when i get up in the morning my watch has already clocked about 500 steps.  You must be kidding us.  I have asked and i will ask again, what was the reason to change a program that promoted healthy living?   You are a health organization, do you really think 500 steps 8 days a month promotes a healthy living?  If that is so you guys need to go back to school.   But since you don't want to overexert yourselves and walk more than 500 steps you should google "healthy living". 

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                  The incentive program is a joke. A person does not have to be a free market economist to know that incentives matter.


                  Oh well, if they do this bad a job encouraging clients to be healthy one wonders how good they will be when the chips are down and we need them to cover a medical expense.


                  I feel sorry for the poor moderators who are responsible to for handling our complaints. Why doesn't some high level administrator respond with some serious explanation. Like maybe, "Our actuaries have determined that exercise incentive programs are irrelevant to better health and reducing total medical costs but being socially involved is critical to long life and low health maintenance cost." Such a response would at least be informative.


                  Explanations like "we are trying to make this program available to everyone" (everyone gets a prize--isn't that sweet) or that "we are trying to simplify the program" (my watch down loads the steps automatically whether I get 500 steps in a day or 25000 steps) don't make a much sense.