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    Garmin Vivo


      I ordered the Garmin Vivofit 3 because the description said it would track heart rate, unlike the Vivofit4.  After getting it, I discovered it does NOT sync with a HR monitor, but GO365 does not allow returns after 24 hours.  Now they have stopped some of their reward options.  This whole outfit is disreputable.  

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          I apologize for the frustration. Are you using a compatible heart rate monitor with your Garmin device? Is it compatible with Garmin? You may need to reach out to Garmin Customer Service for help troubleshooting the monitor.


          The Vivofit 3 does not have a built-in heart rate monitor, but it can connect to any compatible heart rate monitor using Garmin's ANT+ wireless communication protocol. When paired with a heart rate monitor the Vivofit 3 will display heart rate and heart rate zone and record those metrics during activities.

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              Yes, I found out from Garmin what I already thought I knew from the

              Vivofit 3 description on the GO365 website.  The Vivofit 3 is compatible

              with a Garmin heart rate monitor (no ANT+ required). Your customer

              support rep did not know that.  Fortunately, Garmin has much better

              customer support than GO365 does.  They were able to tell me in a few

              minutes how to pair the Vivofit 3 with the HR monitor, and they did it

              by talking to me directly -- no text required.  I am so thankful to

              Garmin because GO365 has a ridiculous return policy limited to 24

              hours.  I'm now using the HR monitor and Vivofit 3.



              I still have no idea what your 2019 rewards policy is, but I'll find out

              as the year progresses.  For example, I'll see whether you still give

              reward points for HR data just as you claimed in 2018.  I'm beginning to

              think your company policies are very deceptive and capricious.  For

              example, the way you honor Silver Sneakers points earned in December

              requires extraordinary effort and precise timing on the recipient's part

              to avoid losing the points.  That means that you routinely count Silver

              Sneakers' points for only 11 months each year.  Also, I can now see only

              six reward items in the "mall."  That means I cannot view the Vivofit 3

              description.  Is that because I have no points yet in 2019, or have you

              dropped most reward options?  Either way, I have no way to verify the

              information on which I made my device selection.



              I have already given feedback several times on the frustrating "time

              out" feature on your chat option.  For it to shut down while waiting for

              a reply from your representative is absurd.  Please find someone with

              the IT knowledge to reprogram this chat procedure.  By the way, the same

              thing happens with the website during a chat.  Do you really want

              customers kicked off a chat or kicked off the website while trying to

              get help from customer service?  Don't tell me I just have to type a

              response to prevent the time out.  I already know that, although it is

              not explained anywhere nor should it be necessary.



              You ask for feedback every time I access your site.  Please use it to

              improve GO365.  This reward program has the potential for being very useful.



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