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Is the 2019 Go365 program designed for the bedridden?

Question asked by Aka251235842191 on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by 6HART4W030L1M

After reading the details of what it takes to score Go365 points in 2019, here are the activities that I understand will get us points:

Preventive Care:

Go see your doctor for an Annual Wellness Visit, Cardiovascular disease screening, Flu shot, Colorectal cancer screening, or Bone density test. Send in the forms and that's it!

Exercise and Fitness:

Walk 500 steps eight times a month and send in the forms at:

This can be accomplished by walking to the bathroom as usual. Make sure you wear your Go365 approved pedometer when you do.

Social Activities:

Do one of these four times a year:

  • "Participate in a conversation in the Go365 Community (Go365 Community postings will result in automatically being rewarded for this activity—there’s no need to report it)"
  • "Nutritional seminar or healthy living class"

That's it unless you want to exert yourself by doing the following: Volunteering, Lifestyle class (like painting), etc.

Never mind extra points for an Athletic event (like a 5K or cycling), or elevated heart rate minutes, or excess calories burned.

Of course, I'll keep doing my usual walk/bike/elliptical routines and feel happy thinking about how Go365 will now allow me to score maximum points until the day I die.

Did I get this right?