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    Not getting credit for steps taken


      As if the new program's incentives were not crummy enough.  I have taken the over 500 for 10 days in a row and have not gotten my $5 credit yet. The pedometer is syncing and they are on the calendar.   What's going on?   Already unhappy and disgusted with the changes.

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          Well, got an answer they gave me the rewards.


          This was part of the reply. Humana shifted the focus to reward for activities that matter most to members, including the addition of volunteering and other social components.  You will receive $5.00 in rewards a month for every month you exercise at least 8 days by taking 500 steps or more. That is $60.00 per year in rewards. I have attached the ways to earn document for your convenience so that you can see all the ways you can earn Bucks.


          They aren't doing what makes us happy, but fattening up their pocketbook