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Go365 Unfair to Cyclists

Question asked by 3MOOR4C662H6F on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by aka151019362459

I’m not getting any reward for cycling 40 miles in the mountains. I use a Garmin 800 and calories burned are shown on my calendar but I’m getting nothing for doing this yet Humana is awarding people for 500 lousy steps. There is no incentive whatsoever with this program. I also swim a mile and half 3 days a week. I will eventually get something for that because I go to the YMCA and that’s the way it was in 2018. I’m ok with that. But cutting out my cycling rewards is a shame. That’s my most preferred exercise. Last year I logged on over 4500 miles! Come on Humana. You should be proud to have members who really take their health serious Even if you do not.