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Now that I can no longer receive rewards for walking, I am looking for other possibilities. It was suggested that I do the "social" activities.  I cannot find any place where these social activities are listed. Can you please direct me?  Thanks!

Question asked by Aka261294952424 on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by 6HART4W030L1M

I am as upset as everyone else that my 15,000-25,000 steps per day (which takes hours and was really helping us with our health) are no longer being rewarded.  When I called about it, I was told to get some points doing "social" things. I do not see any way to do that.  What do I need to do and how do I do it?  Also, where will the answers to this question show up?  I asked another question, and I have no idea where to look for answers. Thanks!