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    How are social activities awarded?


      Engaging within the Go365 Community (asking a question or commenting on a discussion board/other member’s question) will trigger an award for the Social Activity. (this will award automatically)



      You can complete 4 per year earning $5 for each one (max of $20). 



      *Social Activities include the following: community interaction, guidance center class, athletic event, dance class, nutrition seminar, volunteering, Go365 virtual walking club) These can be submitted via the attached form.

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          I was participating in the forum Nd have commented and posted multiple times, much more than the 4 allowed for credit, but have received NO points/credits for such. I have asked as of today to be removed from the forum as I receive way too many emails from it and one member sent me a nasty message with vulgar language implied and I no longer want to be involved. The Go365 program was great the last few years but has been so severely cut back and had so many rewards removed it is no longer fun or inspiring. It's sad, as it used to encourage one to participate and keep up with preventative care.